06/29/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Yoga Health: 25 Reasons to Do Yoga

1. You noticed your shoulders creeping up toward your ears ... again. Yoga helps battle the physical, mental, and emotional signs of stress.

2. If you're going to procrastinate anyway, you might as well do it with yoga. Yoga is WAY more fun than ironing your pants, cleaning up the kitchen and other afternoon chores. And it's ever healthier than Facebook!

3. If you ever want to touch your foot to the top of your head, you better start practicing now.

4. No one knows what the week will bring, but whatever it is, you'll be a lot more capable of dealing with it if you do something that leaves you calm and refreshed. Think about how much better your life would be if you did just ONE thing everyday that made you feel that way.

5. No one else is going to do it for you. If you want to improve your outlook on life, the length of your hamstrings, the quality of your breath, or the tone of your gluteus maximus (and who doesn't?) you have to do the work (and play) for yourself. This is a good time to start!

6. I've heard David Swenson say, "I've never finished my practice and thought, 'I wish I hadn't done that!'" Have you? No matter what's keeping you from unrolling you mat--laziness, allergies, or something else you want to accomplish in your spare time--you know you'll feel better after you've practiced. So just do it.

7. Your yoga mat really brings out the color in your eyes.

8. You've been looking for a good excuse to wear your most comfy clothes to the grocery store, coffee shop and around town running errands. Just bring a yoga mat along and you'll be instantly in style. Seriously. Leave the stilettos at home.

9. If someone gives you one more thing to do you feel like your head might explode. Yoga lets you slow down, take deep breaths and encourages you to do one thing at a time.

10. Because you've forgotten how amazing you really are. Yoga reminds you of the all the fascinating wonders your body (yes, yours!) is capable of, and if that's not a self-esteem booster, I don't know what is.

11. You just don't have enough time to go to the gym, take a nap, get a massage, AND catch up with friends. Yoga gives you some of the benefits of all of these (and more) all in one class. It's like multi-tasking, but you only have to focus on one thing: your practice!

12. You just noticed a familiar itch in the back of your throat. Certain poses can boost your immune system, help you release harmful toxins and keep you healthy.

13. Holding poses for lengthy periods of time is like training for that upcoming trip to your in-laws' house. If you can relax and breathe through 15 breaths in Warrior two Pose, you'll be ready to gracefully handle a weekend of nosy questions and critical comments ...

14. You're worried about the state of the world. You can make an impact simply by setting an intention, taking care of yourself and emitting a positive energy into the universe.

15. It's raining outside (somewhere). Now is your chance to get your yoga on without feeling guilty for not taking the dog to the park or beach. She'd rather be inside anyway.

16.You ate pizza and popcorn for dinner last night. The increased awareness yoga brings will spill over into other areas of your life--just like the soda you spilled onto your keyboard while you were checking your email.

17. A yoga studio is the perfect place to pick up girls. (If picking up girls isn't your thing, it's also a really great opportunity to make new friends.)

18. Two words: Yoga Butt. You can be of "those people" who look fabulous spandex. And even if you're not, a regular yoga practice will bring out all of your most beautiful features--inside and out.

19. Yoga will make you more popular. Trust me. People will like being around you more when you're calm, balanced, serene, and uplifted from your post-yoga buzz.

20. A yoga class will set the tone for a great week! It takes just an hour to align your body, mind, breath, and spirit.

21. You'll be more able to take care of the people you love if you take care of yourself, too. Set an example for your loved ones by showing them that doing something good for yourself is a priority.

22. It's impossible to be bad at yoga. My first yoga teacher used to say, "Yoga isn't about doing--it's about being." If you can be, if you exist in this world, you're a yoga student whether you realize it or not.

23. You'll love the decor in the studio. It's all calm and soothing, your home decor probably just reminds you of all the chores you need to do. Escape!

24. Yoga is like flossing, but for your mind and body. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

25. It's the only place where there are no rules, no expectations, and no limits. Just come as you are. Do what you need to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. No questions asked.