06/16/2011 10:55 am ET Updated Aug 16, 2011

Big Girls Need Love Too: Full Figured Fashion Week Takes the Big Apple by Storm!

Yes! Big Girls need love too. But most importantly, we need clothes!

As a plus size comedian, often times I am discouraged because it is so hard to find fashionable clothes in my size to wear on stage. Many designers think that all they have to do is cut the dress larger, make it in animal print, stick a few pieces of sequins on the shoulders and there you have it -- hot fat girl fashion! NOT!

There is nothing more frustrating than going to an event, and every plus size woman in the room is wearing the exact same animal print dress. Years ago, there were only 3 or 4 stores that made clothes for plus sizes. Although things have gotten better, there are things that are still annoying when it comes to shopping for larger sizes.

For instance, many retailers that carry plus sizes, hide them in remote areas far away from the "straight sizes". By the time I walk up five flights of stairs to get to the plus section, I've already gone down a size ... which just might be their point!

June 16-18 marks the 3rd anniversary for Full Figured Fashion Week™ in NYC. Produced by Gwen DeVoe of DeVoe Signature Events, FFFWeek™ is a celebration of women sizes 12 and up, who are proud of their curvy figures, yet tired of being ignored by the mainstream fashion industry.

FFFWeek™ is a much needed breath of fresh air for curvy women like me -- women who know that beauty and fashion is not 1 "sample size" fits all. Women from all over the country are coming to NYC for the event and tickets for FFFWeek™ are almost completely sold out. "It's been crazy," said Devoe. "It's just exploding. Women are finally getting a chance to see fashion come alive on models with bodies they can relate to."

Plus Model magazine is a media sponsor of this year's FFFWeek™. When asked why events like this are important, Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones said "I believe the plus size woman of today is not the same one that most people think she is. Today's curvy woman is empowered and feels good in her skin. FFFWeek™ allows everyone to see that."

On Friday, June 17th, I am hosting a panel at the Affinia Hotel (Peyton Room) called "The Pulse of the Plus Size Community." Perfectly timed, in the midst of current news in the media, this panel discussion addresses the current state of the plus-size community and the significance of Full Figured Fashion Week™.

I'll be there wearing animal print! Will you?

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