05/27/2016 03:23 pm ET Updated May 28, 2017

Speakeasies Worth Traveling For

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The best part of traveling is finding adventure in unexpected places. This is probably why the speakeasy craze has become so popular. The speakeasy dates back to the 1920s and the Prohibition Era when the sale of alcohol was illegal in the United States. Soon, hidden saloons began to pop-up where patrons could drink in secret. Now, the trend is reborn.

Finding secret doors, climbing hidden stairwells is all part of the fun. Even traveling to the speakeasy in your area can be exhilarating. Being able to discover a new underground part of the world you see everyday is something we all crave. Go out and discover your neighborhood and some of the best speakeasies in the country. Expect the unexpected in these five hard-to-find spots.

The Walker Inn
It is not surprising that Los Angeles has one of the best Speakeasies in the country. Known for its exclusive allure, the whole city thrives on who you know and the next trend. The Walker Inn may be part of the Speakeasy fad, but it is here to stay. Hidden in the basement of Hotel Normandie, a special hostess seats you in one of the 25 seats available to a lucky patron who can score a reservation. The menu is seasonal, but you can expect to be served a pre-fixe drink menu that includes 7-9 cocktails that will surprise and delight you. Savor every second. It goes fast.
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Dram and Grain
Whiskey is the name of the game at Dram and Grain. Housed below Adams Morgan's Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Washington, DC, Dram and Grain is the ultimate man cave. With Whiskey on draft and only 20 seats for patrons, there is no BS here. The best part, besides the melt-in-your-mouth whiskey concoctions, is the reservations process. You can only make a reservation if you have their business card or cell phone number. Find the number then wait two weeks for your reservation. It's a lot to find this joint, but it's the ultimate DC VIP experience.
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In the city that never sleeps there are always nooks and crannies to discover. Wander over to PDT and quiet the noise for a while. Hidden behind a phone booth in the East Village PDT should be hard to find. But at this point, it's one of the most known speakeasies in NYC. PDT, short for "please don't tell," rules with its unique and careful cocktail menu. The best part is you can wash down that carefully concocted cocktail with your favorite drunk foods. For locals and tourists alike, it's a do-not-miss.
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Like most of the Speakeasies on our list, Garage is hard to find. But the name should tip you off. The bar is in what should be the valet ticketing office in the American National Bank's parking garage in Austin, Texas. Unlike other competitors in the area, Garage has a historical touch that others lack. It's rough with concrete accents, but the room softens when the lights dim and the music begins. Let's not forget about the cocktails. These drinks are good. Try what's on the menu, but I recommend giving your old favorites a try. You won't be disappointed.
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Circa 33
If you're looking for a place that will stay true to the genesis of the speakeasy and give you some historical background on prohibition while you choose your libation, then look no further. Circa 33 in Portland, Oregon doesn't get more authentic. While making your drink decision take note of the dates listed next to each option. The menu lists the drinks along with the year they were introduced. Even the name of the bar has historical meaning. 1933 was the year Prohibition was repealed. Be an outlaw here and go back in time. Oh, and have the blue cheese nachos while you're at it.
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