5 Ways to Feel Like a Hot Mama Again!

Raising kids, running a household, maintaining relationships, working, etc. can make us absolutely exhausted and worn out...
02/26/2013 05:01 pm ET Updated Apr 28, 2013
Confident woman with arms crossed against a blue background
Confident woman with arms crossed against a blue background

Sexiness is definitely not only about the way you look; it's all about how you present yourself to the world. It is about having a sense of humor and being passionate, on fire, purposeful and self-confident. Sexy women are not always the most physically beautiful, but they dress and carry themselves in a way that is inspiring and infectious. They exude self-love and positive energy, and tend to attract everyone around them!

Every woman has a hot mama within.

You read that right. Each of you has a unique sexiness and special aura. Sometimes, this special gift gets buried under anxiety, poor self-esteem or a lack of self-love and can prevent us from bringing our very best to the world.

Once you start re-igniting your passion for life and loving yourself enough to care for your mind, body, spirit, and appearance... you will know you've reclaimed your mojo and brought sexy back. People will want to be around you. You'll feel sexier, and your partner and men in general will notice you.

YOU are worth it!

1) Get Your Mojo Workout On!

Sometimes, the best thing to revive your mojo is to lose yourself in a fun and invigorating workout. The key is to do something that makes you smile while you sweat and treat your body well! A few sexy mojo-inducing exercise ideas include Zumba, hip-hop dancing, pole dancing, martial arts, rock climbing or just going for a brisk walk or jog while listening to your favorite jamming music.

2) Take Time for Yourself
Raising kids, running a household, maintaining relationships, working, etc. can make us absolutely exhausted and worn out... which is completely normal, but not sexy. Take time for solitude to rejuvenate yourself and practice self-care so you have the energy to love and care for yourself, your family and live your life with joy! Some ideas? Wake up early for silence, prayer and meditation. Go out and have a cup of coffee or glass of wine by yourself. It's empowering and sexy to have the confidence to sit somewhere by yourself and enjoy a drink. Take a hot bath with lavender bath salt or bubble bath. Read a book or just close your eyes and smile.

3) Feel Beautiful
Feeling beautiful is a key component of reviving your sexiness! The way we take care of our "outside" reflects how we feel about ourselves on the inside. Take care of your grooming in a way that reflects how much you love yourself. Try a few of these easy ideas to feel prettier now: smile, wear lipstick, paint your nails, get a haircut, have your makeup applied professionally at a department store (for free!), get a sassy new pair of shoes, take the time to slowly apply lotion to your body after a shower and get rid of clothes that make you feel frumpy.

4) Stoke your Creative and Intellectual Fires
Creative and intellectual stimulation are crucial for anyone to live a well-balanced life, but especially for moms. Smart and imaginative women are sexy! Engaging in deep, intelligent and meaningful conversations can bring any relationship to a deeper level. Creative expression is one of the easiest things to let go by the wayside as a mother. But taking the time to nurture your intellect and your creative spirit is one of the key ingredients to not losing yourself to motherhood. Taking time to nourish this side of yourself will make you a happier and sexier woman, and a more balanced person.

5) Claim Your Sexiness
Motherhood might equal frumpy and sexless to some. But in my mind, it equals confidence and sensuality in an entirely new, beautiful, maternal-goddess kind of way.

Use the motherhood experience as a catalyst to give you the confidence to go after what you really want, both sexually and in the rest of your life. Now is the time to spice things back up and ask for what you really want in bed. Trust me, men find assertive women to be quite a turn-on. This confident seductress in the bedroom will pleasantly surprise your partner.

It's important to get into a sexy frame of mind to have a hotter love life. Getting enough sleep and getting yourself "in the mood" before joining your partner in bed can really help this process. You have been working hard on your body and on becoming more confident, so use this to your advantage in the bedroom. You are beautiful and attractive, and I promise that you can get your mama mojo back in the bedroom, too.

I would love to hear about what makes you feel like a hot mama -- please share in the comments below!