08/05/2014 11:34 am ET Updated Oct 05, 2014

Where's the Love, Twittersphere?

I must admit: I am feeling very alone in the Twittersphere right now.

Sometimes it feels like a chess game and -- like chess -- I am ignorant as to some of the rules (or rather, etiquette). And while it will behoove me to come up to speed, I still wonder, where's the good-old help thy neighbor? OK, fine, stranger?

Here's how it went down. I am a grassroots, three-days into launching, movement. It's a movement about which I feel energized and purposeful -- in a way that I never have before now. I believe, sincerely, that it will help hundreds, thousands, tens-of-thousands (hey, whose to put a limit on my dreams?) of women engage more passionately and bravely with their lives -- creating the world in which they want to live.

And so, when I opened my Twitter feed this afternoon and thought of clever tactics to get the word out -- I asked myself, "Hey, in the spirit of being brave, why not just ask for what you want? Ask for help?" I imagined that if just 10 people chose to retweet my tweet, it would be a huge boost.

So I did. I asked for some help spreading the word.

But no one responded -- nada, zip, zero. Out of 953. Scratch that, now it's 952. (It's a fickle Twittersphere out there, I'll tell ya.)

And while I considered that my request was very 1980s, it still made me feel rather alone. And I wondered what to do about that. And so, here I write. Maybe someone else out there feels this way. At least then, I'll have some company in this sphere.

And yes, I know, I know. People have big, busy lives and full Twitter feeds -- and many of you have invested a heck of a lot more time establishing relationships than I have yet done.

Still, I think we should bring back the old "extend a hand to thy neighbor" into the new cyber-sphere. For our fellow twitter sisters and brothers. Even if we don't really know each other.

I mean, where's the love? Or should I say #whereisthelove?

And now, off I go to learn the art of tweeting in 2014. And to become more conscious of my own neighborliness -- in Twitter and the world, at large.