08/20/2010 05:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Eat Pray Love - Thank You/Eff You for Reminding Me I'm a Woman (VIDEO)

Everyday I have to fight to be seen as equal to men, and in doing so, I gotta play it cool, keep it steady, don't get upset, stay calm, get solid, roll with the punches, don't stress, keep it sleazy. When my guy co-workers want to talk about Katy Perry's boobs, I chime in about their logic defying perfectness. When my guy friends want to meet up for Mexican, I am game because sushi is for "gay dudes". When my boyfriend's horny, I let him "do his thing" all over my chest while I pretend I don't have the flu. Cause that's how cool I am.

..... until a chick flick comes out. And then it's time to be a dumb ol' lady again. (which is real, real nice). And with Eat Pray Love, if you drink the right amount of sauvignon blanc and eat the right amount of pot brownie, you'll forget how much time you're wasting (133 m) and ease right into the things that are great about this movie:

- Julia Roberts is wonderful

- Javier Bardem is amazing

- There's tons of food porn

- Lots of real sentimental stuff will make you cry

It's no Atonement, but as far as reminding me I have the capacity for emotions, A+.

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