02/20/2008 06:23 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Feminists For Obama. I'm #1085

It's always empowering to know you are not alone.

I've encountered many female communities in my lifetime that have reminded me why women are so very influential.

This latest effort reminds me once again the hand that rocks the cradle, rocks the world.

Visit the site to add your name.

"...Choosing to support Senator Obama was not an easy decision for us because electing a woman President would be a cause for celebration in itself and because we deplore the sexist attacks against Senator Clinton that have circulated in the media. However, we also recognize that the election of Barack Obama would be another historic achievement and that his support for gender equality has been unwavering.

In backing Senator Obama, we are mindful of the inconsistencies in his voting record and the limitations of his own plans for withdrawal. Yet it is noteworthy that at a time when this position was politically unpopular and when he was aiming for national office, Barack Obama opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq and has spoken out against the war ever since. This puts him in a far better position to articulate a clear challenge to a Republican opponent.

We are also moved by the positive tone of the Obama campaign, the tremendous energy it has released across the country, the dramatic engagement of young people and the impetus for change that his candidacy embodies.

We are speaking out now because we cannot afford to elect another President who will continue the aggressive, interventionist policies of the present. "

Hell yes. My name is #1085. What's yours?

Now, more than ever, Senator Clinton needs to step down.