10/10/2007 11:13 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The BoobSite Bill Maher and Facebook Inspired

Behold, The League of Maternal Justice! Their manifesto reads:

It's perfectly legal for women to breastfeed publicly in most of the United States, and throughout Canada. We HAVE the right to breastfeed publicly. So why are we insisting upon Festing the Breast?

Because people like Bill Maher would have us hide...
Because Facebook thinks that pictures of nursing boobs are dirty...
Because waitstaff at Applebees and YMCA attendants still tell nursing mothers to cover up or nurse in the toilet...
Because it's illegal to ask a nursing mother to stop nursing or conceal her nursing, and yet people still do it...
Because we live in a society where nobody bats an eye at see-through tops and pasties on pop stars, but in which nursing breasts are considered by some to be indecent...
Because some people still say things like "breastfeeding is like masturbating - it shouldn't be done in public"...
Because if even one woman - EVEN ONE - is shamed into not nursing because someone said it's indecent, that's one too many.
Because this most important of mothering activities should be celebrated and lauded and praised from the rooftops.
Because it's a superpower, and we need to be proud of it.

and I'd like to add my own here-

Because Bill Maher knows as much about parenting as George Bush did on Iraq before we invaded
Because facebook bans breastfeeding moms but NOT pedophiles
Because US rates for breastfeeding are embarrassing
Because history reminds us of the days women were kept locked away and out of the public eye while pregnant-this is just another form of oppression
Because I'm tired of lobby groups in Washington determining health policy in the US
Because as a mother and woman I refuse to shut up and stay in the kitchen
Because I will breastfeed at an Applebees, breastfeed on a plane, breastfeed at a mall, breastfeed at a park, breastfeed at a Boy Scout meeting, breastfeed at church, pump breastmilk at work, pump breastmilk during an exam, and feed my baby as I see fit because I AM THE MOM
Because I am beautiful and I will not feel shame over breastfeeding