03/30/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Hollywood Celebs Hedge Their Bets With Candidate Donations

Hollywood loves a good Democratic presidential race. And just in time for some "light reading," the 1st Quarter 2008 Federal Elections Commission Disclosure Statements will be released shortly by the three remaining presidential candidate campaigns. Since celebrity endorsements are the hot ticket these days, let's see who's signing checks!

There are two types of donating celebrities: those who pick one presidential candidate and stick with them, and those who toss cash to several candidates, hoping one will be the nominee.

And the candidates look forward to seeing Hollywood bling in their campaign coffers, as the stars often act as catalysts for their fans to do the same.

Two months ago, Billy Crystal donated the family max ($4,600) to Hillary Clinton, and last Christmas Ben Affleck donated the family max to Barack Obama.

George Clooney, as far as I can tell, sent one individual donation ($2,300) last April to only one presidential candidate ...Barack Obama. And last September, Oprah did, too.

Now, Barbra Streisand has a different strategy. In March 2007, she sent $2,300 to Sen. Obama's presidential campaign; five days later she gave the same exact amount to John Edwards. And two months ago she gave that same amount to Sen. Clinton.

See the uptake here? You can always brag it was YOUR contribution that put the candidate over the top in fundraising.

Jennifer Aniston and Chris Rock sent individual donations, about a year ago, to Senator Obama.
But some celebrities are selective.

Michael Douglas donated the $4,600 family max each to Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson, while giving half that amount ($2,300) to Barack Obama.

Paul Newman loves Democrats, too (well, some of them, anyway). He donated the family max each to Senators Clinton and Obama, with individual donations to Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson. But poor John Edwards only got $200.

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