06/19/2012 09:21 am ET Updated Aug 19, 2012

Workout + Wine = Pilates on the Patio

After a morning workout, there's nothing like a refreshing glass of sparkling wine, right?

That's what Poste Moderne Brasserie at the Hotel Monaco hopes by offering its summer workout series, Pilates on the Patio.

The outdoor Pilates session, taught by former Poste employee Chauna Bryant, is a 45-minute class designed to strengthen and tone your body, giving a full-body workout from back and butt to abs, legs and spine. "Can you feel your waist whittling away?" Bryant asks mid-maneuver. Yes, yes you can.

How did Pilates come to Poste, a modern American restaurant known for its sustainable menu and hopping happy hour? "Pilates on the Patio was an idea that originally started as an attempt to offer Pilates to hotel guests," Bryant explains. "When trying to figure out a space, naturally the patio came up. Why not?"

An attempt at midweek early morning classes fell flat, but this spring, Bryant came up with a creative twist: "A mid-morning class that is followed with a glass of champagne or sparkling wine. I knew it would work when one of my late-to-rise friends said, 'What time? 10? And there is champagne... I will totally come to that.'"

More than 11 million people worldwide practice Pilates, a workout routine developed in the early 20th century. "Pilates builds a strong core that helps with form and injury prevention," Bryant says, adding, "Pilates also helps to build postural muscles that fight slouching and help all of us stand up taller. In other words, Pilates helps to undo all of the hours we spend hovering in front of computer screens."

Pilates on the Patio is offered at 10 a.m. every Saturday through July 21 at $19.00 per session. Check out the slideshow below for a closer look. (Don't live in D.C.? Don't worry: similar classes are offered in New York, Chicago and Miami.)

To complement the workout, Poste Chef Dennis Marron created a healthy brunch menu that includes:

  • Tropical Fruit Plate: coconut, kiwi, pineapple, mango and star fruit (12)
  • Chicken Paillard: grilled pounded chicken breast, arugula, mache, tomato and brulee goat cheese (14)
  • The Monaco Breakfast: coffee or tea, juice, fresh fruit, croissant or pastry (12)
  • Granola Parfait: yogurt, Chantilly cream, dried fruit (11)
  • Egg White Omelet: spinach, oven dried tomato and goat cheese, mixed greens (13)
  • Norwegian: smoked salmon, toasted bagel, cream cheese, pickled red onion, capers, chopped egg (16)
  • House Made Doughnuts: chocolate ganache, lemon curd, seasonal jam (14)
Pilates on the Patio