10/03/2014 09:37 am ET Updated Dec 03, 2014

GOP Appeals to Women With Wedding Dresses

After the last confusing and totally bizarre GOP ad that told us to dump Obama, our deadbeat boyfriend who we met online, Republican advertisers have done it again. This time, in another "culturally relevant" ad, they are appealing to women with wedding dresses. Because apparently, Beyoncé voters don't understand real issues but dammit if you show them pretty wedding dresses, you'll definitely pull the vote.

Apparently all that talk about researching women and how to woo the mysterious voters of the female persuasion has led to this.

I can't help but giggle at this. I mean, seriously? I know lots of women that love some TLC's Say Yes To The Dress. I myself love to crack open a bottle of wine and binge watch a few episodes until someone finally picks a dress I like -- sometimes it takes a while. But, I'm fairly confident in my own ability and in the ability of my fellow friends with two X chromosomes to stop thinking about wedding dresses in the voting booth.

Let's break down the ad. The dresses are Florida governor Rick Scott and his opponent in the upcoming election, Charlie Christ. Rick Scott is the "trusted brand" while Charlie Christ comes with "additional costs." Luckily, we have the store attendant to break down these costs for us because, as you know, that's who you need to go to for advice on selecting candidates. If she doesn't do it for you, you've got your maid of honor there to tell you what candidate you should "Say Yes" to, which, of course, is Rick Scott. Then, once you've said yes, everyone gets champagne and stands in a circle smiling. It's just like voting.

And don't worry. This ad was made by women, just in case you thought it was offensive to women.

So, apparently, the takeaways are that picking candidates is just like picking your wedding dress. And if you pick the Democratic dress or candidate (sorry I can't remember the difference since I'm a woman), you've picked the wrong dress.

Too bad they didn't send women a save the date card for election day.