02/09/2011 11:00 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

21 Questions From a Poet and a Profit

1. Etan: Did people really get upset when President Obama thanked the Philadelphia Eagles for giving Michael Vick a second chance? Do they really not understand that he represents to so many young people what you can do if you put your mind to it? That even if you mess up, you take your punishment like a man, learn from your mistakes and change your ways? Do people not understand that?

2. Laron: Will Plaxico Burress get the same benefit of the doubt that was given to Michael Vick when he is released from prison? This is the land of second chances so I hope so

3. Etan: Did Tucker Carlson really say that Michael Vick should have been executed for dog fighting? And even worse is he really still on the air after saying that?

4. Laron: How is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar consistently overlooked when the discussion of the greatest players of all time comes up? I mean 3 NCAA titles, 6 NBA championships, career scoring leader and many more records and accolades should get your name in the discussion right?

5. Laron: If no evidence is found and he is found innocent in court, will the baseball hall of fame voters still vote to keep Barry Bonds out of the Hall of Fame?

6. Etan: So the NBA has 3 or 400 million dollars just sitting around to buy a team (New Orleans Hornets) but are claiming to be so much in the red that they want a lockout ?

7. Etan: Why exactly hasn't the Paqcuiao Mayweather fight happened yet?

8. Laron: What should be done in America to help us produce more talent in the tennis world since lately it seems that the US has no real young stars on the horizon to compete for the major titles now that Serena and Venus Williams as well as Andy Roddick are aging?

9. Etan: Will I get fined if I wear a t shirt that says in big letters "Pay That Man" and has a big picture of Jamal Crawford in the middle of it ?

10. Etan: Did Donald Sterling, according to former Clippers general manager Elgin Baylor, really bring women into the locker room to look at the players while they showered? And make comments like,"look at those beautiful black bodies"? Are you serious?

11. Etan: Did Jason Whitlock really say that the Patriot's way of drafting players from "stable homes with two parents in the home" is best because they are coachable?
Then go on to say individuals who come from hip hop culture are very individualistic and in his words me me me where football is we, we, we? Is he serious?

12. Laron: Why would anyone who has played a sport and been injured criticize Jay Cutler during the Bear's lost in the NFC championship game when it was determined he had a MCL injury and doctors advised him not to play at all in the 2nd half?

13. Laron: How badly does college football need a "Rooney" rule to get more coaches of color as head coaches at these schools that are predominantly represented by athletes of color?

14. Etan: Its hard not to follow some of the local news in Atlanta so... The case with Bishop Eddie Long makes me want to pose this question... Has any clergy (Catholic priests, pastors, Bishops etc) ever actually gone to prison for committing criminal acts against minors or are they all simply above the law?

15. Etan: The union has been doing everything in its power to come to an agreement with the NBA and avoid a lockout. With the NBA having to be persuaded to even meet with us at a time as crucial as all star, how serious are they about striking a deal?

16. Laron: Does MLB need to rethink its stance on their salary cap with the latest news being that Albert Pujols is looking for a contract in the 300 million dollar range? How many teams could really pay that if its true? 1 maybe 2

17. Etan: A Washington city newspaper runs a caricature of CEO Dan Snyder depicting him as a devil equipped with horns and a mustache and a beard drawn on his face. And Dan Snyder attempts to sue the paper because he views the devil as anti-Semitic? But he has no problem offending Native Americans with a logo (Washington Redskins) that is in the words of Dave Zirin," a celebration of the genocide of our Native American brothers"? Isn't that a bit hypocritical?

18. Laron: Does the NBA need to review the fan voting system after seeing that Yao Ming was named a starter despite the fact he missed most of the year due to injury?

19. Etan: Maybe I am a little bias because he's my teammate, so I am going to pose this question... What is keeping Josh Smith from being an all star? This is two years in a row I was surprised he wasn't selected (no disrespect to any of the guys who did make it)

20. Laron: Was it just a coincidence or did it seem like the NFL waited until the very end of the season to hand out a decision on Brett Favre's punishment knowing he was retiring at the end of the year?

21. Etan: All year so many people remained upset with Michael Vick for a crime he spent two years in jail for but nobody has any issue with Roethlisberger at all who was accused of sexual crimes twice in less than a year and spent no time in prison for his crimes? Are dogs higher up on the level of importance than women?