03/22/2011 02:49 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

20 Questions From a Poet and a Profit

1. Laron Profit: As much as I loved the documentary on the Fab Five, was I the only person who thought it was incomplete because we never got to hear from Chris Webber on several different issues, including the timeout he called and Ed Martin?

2. Etan Thomas: I thought the documentary on the Fab Five was great and I thought Grant Hill's response was wonderful. I can only pray that my kids talk about be with that much pride. But is it difficult for people to relate to Jalen Rose when he described the jealousy he felt (at age 17) when looking at Grant Hill and the relationship he had with his dad and the fact that he came from a good environment and Jalen Rose had the opposite experience never meeting his father and growing up poor? Is it difficult to understand where he is coming from?

3. Etan Thomas: Did everyone misinterpret what Jalen Rose was actually saying in the documentary? I definitely didn't hear him say that Grant Hill was less black because he had a father. Or that a true black family is one where the father is not in the home or any of the other accusations I have been reading.

4. Etan Thomas: When Jalen Rose described how he viewed Duke players (when he was 17) was he simply stating a common perception of the elitism that has always surrounded the Duke program whether accurate or not?

5. Laron Profit: While I loved the Fab Five documentary, has anyone seen the documentary done on the UNLV program run by Tark and highlighted by his 1990 National Championship team and the '91 team that lost to Duke in the semifinals? Must see TV if you are a college basketball fan!

6. Laron Profit: With the recent comments made by Adrian Peterson, comparing the NFL to "modern day slavery" I think it would be unfair to the people who were actual slaves in this country or other countries around the world. I do however think that he could have used the word "exploitation" to describe the way the owners have tried to treat the players in the NFL.

7. Etan Thomas: Would anyone disagree that college athletes, particularly football and basketball players, are being exploited by not being paid after bringing in millions of dollars?

8. Etan Thomas: Correct me if I'm wrong but if on April 6th the court grants the NFLPA's petition and issues an injunction preventing the NFL from locking out its players, won't the NFL be forced to soften its position? Furthermore, wouldn't such a ruling by the court strengthen our (NBPA) bargaining position and thus encourage the NBA to reconsider its hardline position?

9. Etan Thomas: If all of these things fall in line, and we (NBPA) are forced to decertify, couldn't we seek relief from the same court and argue that the ruling in the NFL matter was applicable to our situation?

10. Laron Profit: With all the scrutiny surrounding the Auburn program and the recruitment of Cam Newton, doesn't anyone think maybe the Ohio St. program needs to be investigated more, with the knowledge that their head coach withheld information purposely to protect his players and program from infractions?

11. Laron Profit: And furthermore, how is it that the NCAA allowed the same players who will be suspended the first five games of the 2011 season to play in the Sugar Bowl? What message does that send?

12. Etan Thomas: NBA referee Bill Spooner filed a lawsuit against the Associated Press and AP reporter Jon Krawczynski for a Twitter post made by the reporter. The lawsuit states that the comments were falsely attributed to Spooner and states the Tweet, "implied that the Plantiff was engaged in fixing a game." Spooner seeks to recover damages in excess of 75,000 dollars for defamation of character per se to his professional and business reputation. If he is successful, couldn't this set the precedent for players to follow suit and wouldn't reporters finally be held accountable for what they tweet, write, post, or blog?

13. Laron Profit: With all this talk going on in the NBA about the Miami Heat, the Lakers try for a 3peat, and the deals that landed Carmelo in NY and Deron Williams in NJ, has anyone noticed that Kevin Durant is on his way to his 2nd consecutive scoring title? That is a feat only accomplished by 11 people in NBA history, and remember he was the youngest scoring champ in NBA history last year.

14. Laron Profit: Does anyone remember when Kobe Bryant was upset at Laker management because they wouldn't pull the trigger on a deal that would have brought Jason Kidd to LA for Andrew Bynum? I'm pretty sure Kobe is happy that they didn't listen to him on that one.

15. Laron Profit: While I love the excitement and upsets that happen during "March Madness" does it seem like there is a lack of overall talent in the college game? Has the early exits to the NBA really caught up to the college game and diluted their product?

16. Etan Thomas: Did Donald Sterling really not pay for Kim Hughes prostate cancer surgery when he was an assistant coach for the Clippers several years ago? And furthermore, did the players actually have to contribute most of the cost of the surgery themselves?

17. Etan Thomas: Does Sterling really have a pattern of not paying the balance on the coaches and scouts once he fires them, and basically dares them to sue him?

18. Etan Thomas: Should David Stern allow Sterling to continue such despicable practices? And why hasn't he intervened?

19. Laron Profit: Will we ever see the old Tiger Woods again or has the divorce he went through along with the constant scrutiny over his personal life robbed him of that ruthlessness and cold-blooded focus he had that allowed him to dominate the world of golf?

20. Etan Thomas: If you are head security for an NBA team (let's just say for the Atlanta Hawks) and one of your players gets caught in a situation with the police that you simply do not have the power to assist him in, would you own up to the fact that you simply couldn't help or would you place the blame on someone else in an effort to cover your own inability and mishandling of the situation?