05/17/2012 02:41 pm ET Updated Jul 17, 2012

Playoff Questions From a Poet and a Profit

Laron Profit: Did Kevin Durant get robbed for the MVP award? His team had a better record, he led the league in scoring, shot 50 percent from the field, average more rebs and blocks than Lebron and had many more memorable 4th quarters for his team, yet Lebron got 85 first place votes. Hmmm...

Etan Thomas: Which trio is more impressive: Durant, Westbrook and Harden or Lebron, D Wade and Bosh?

Etan Thomas: Does it seem like people are a little bit biased against Anderw Bynum? Is it because they really want Dwight Howard? Is it because he is not jovial like Shaq? Or not the all-time best people person like Magic? Or is it too high expectations? I know he took the bad 3-pointer a little while ago but has he done something to make everyone mad at him that I don't know about?

Etan Thomas: Did Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum really just become the first teammates in NBA history to combine for 30 points, 30 rebounds, 20 offensive rebounds and 10 blocks in game 7 against Memphis?

Laron Profit: Are the Spurs the best organization in pro sports period for their consistency and way their management has retooled their team to support the Big 3?

Laron Profit: Will Phil Jackson coach again and if so, will it be with the organization he won his only championship as a player with, the Knicks?

Laron Profit: Can Carmelo and Amare play together and win big as teammates? Or will one of them have to go for that to happen?

Etan Thomas: Is the NBA championship going to be decided, as Charles Barkley says, by injuries?

Etan Thomas: Is this rigorous, abbreviated, season where the NBA tried to squeeze in as many games as possible, at least in part the cause for a majority of the injuries that players have sustained?

Laron Profit: How much will these injuries to star players affect the performance of the 2012 Olympic Men's Basketball team? Should we be worried that DRose, Dwight Howard, and possible DWade are gonna miss the games?

Etan Thomas: The Heat lost Chris Bosh to an abdominal strain on Sunday night, if he is unable to return this playoff series, how crucial of a blow will this be to their quest for a championship?

Etan Thomas: Did Nike really say that the reason Derek Rose was injured was that he was playing in inferior shoes and he should have signed with Nike?

Laron Profit: Should the city of Sacramento do everything to keep their Kings or should the NBA step in and move the team to Las Vegas?

Laron Profit: Should the NBA allow high school kids to enter the draft again or make it a two year stay in college? The one and done rule is seeming to hurt the college game.

Laron Profit: Should we find a new way to make sure the worst teams get the higher picks in the draft, teams like Charlotte, New Jersey and New Orleans are in serious need of talent but may miss out if the ping pong balls don't fall their way? OR do we keep the system to avoid more teams tanking?

Etan Thomas: Why would co-CEO for the Atlanta Hawks Michael Gearon Jr. say that Kevin Garnett was "old" and the "dirtiest player in the league"? Why would he say something that would fuel the other team's fire, especially Kevin Garnett who is driven by emotions? Didn't he see when the Orlando reporter from last year's playoffs hyped up the entire team by saying that we were going to lose? Just FYI, Kevin Garnett responded by exploding for 28 points and 14 rebounds.

Laron Profit: How do we get rid of the excessive flopping we have seen this year and especially in the playoffs? It's starting to rival the greatest acting of our generation.

Etan Thomas: How great was it when Jalen Rose shut Skip Bayless up a few weeks ago when he questioned his high school career stats? Skip was so mad he didn't say a word the rest of the entire segment.

Laron Profit: Will the situation with Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher continue to be played out in public over the summer or will they find a way to keep this behind closed doors?

Etan Thomas: Why hasn't Chris Webber been on TNT that much anymore? And why don't they use Greg Anthony? I think he is a really good commentator.

Etan Thomas: Is New York Post writer Phil Mushnick going to remain their employee or receive any repurcussions after what he wrote about Jay-Z? Rupert Murdoch owns the New York Post, so let's see what happens.