11/07/2007 11:26 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Selected Fundraisers Bill Clinton Attended

Here are some fundraisers Bill Clinton attended that we definitely want to research. If you're interested in gathering data, select one from the list, download the report form and email your findings back to me at If you want to find other fundraisers, feel free to download the spreadsheet of Bill Clinton's schedule during the three months covered by the 3rd quarter FEC report, pick any of the unresearched days, and run some web searches.

September 13, 14
Austin, Laredo, and San Antonio, TX - Various private fundraisers.

Ticket Prices: $100 General, $1000 Friend, $2000 Sponsor for Austin, the rest need to be researched.
Regional Instructions: Make special note of the donations that came in from those three cities.

August 27
Albany, NY - Fundraising dinner.

Ticket Prices: $25 Students, $50 General, $1000 VIP
Regional Instructions: We'd like someone familiar with upstate New York to work on this fundraiser. When you're filling out the report form, try and isolate the donations that came from upstate New York - list all the cities you looked at on your report.

September 10
Chicago, IL - Private fundraiser at Sushi Samba.

Ticket Prices: $100 to $1000
Regional Instructions: Make special note of the donations that came from Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

September 15
Memphis, TN - Private fundraiser at contributor's home.

Ticket Prices: $1000
Regional Instructions: Look specifically for the donations that came in from Memphis after the fundraiser.

September 17
Denver, Boulder, CO - Fundraiser hosted by the Aurora Economic Development Council (Denver) and a private fundraiser hosted by a contributor (Boulder)
Ticket Prices: Up to $200 (Denver), $500 Guest, $2300 Sponsor (Boulder)
Regional Instructions: Look at donations that came in from Denver and Boulder themselves.

September 18
Brentwood, CA - Private fundraiser hosted by a contributor.
Ticket Prices: $250 Cocktail Reception, $2300 VIP
Regional Instructions: Find the donations that were made from the Los Angeles region.