05/04/2014 09:08 pm ET Updated Jul 04, 2014

Can a Lead Director or Trustee Help Improve Nonprofit Board Performance?

I believe a lead director or trustee can help improve nonprofit board performance when one or more of the following situations hamper board effectiveness and/or efficiency.

• The board chair typically is over committed to his/her full-time position.

• Strategic planning is often postponed, and a designated strategic planning
advocate is needed.

• The board has a large membership, more than 25 directors.

• The board chair has had little management and/or board experiences.

• The organization is strategically growing or experiencing budgetary problems.

• Board committees not functioning effectively/efficiently.

• The board is operating dysfunctionally or hampered by dysfunctional directors.

• Organizational outcomes or impacts are not reasonably defined.

• The chair requests assistance in the CEO evaluation process.

• Chairpersons change frequently, sometimes annually, a common practice in the
nonprofit professional and trade association environments.

For those interested in learning more about this lead director usage in business and nonprofit boards, see the following link: