Stop Blaming Parents when Tragedy Strikes

People, stop judging.
08/21/2012 12:25 pm ET Updated Oct 21, 2012

Here we go again. Tragic, senseless deaths of children and the first thing people do is blame parents. They blame grieving, distraught and devastated parents. Parents that will never get to celebrate their child's next birthday (in this case, children). They will just be filled with the shock and horror of loss. One minute they are enjoying a hike together as a family, on a trip organized by a Church, and the next minute, one child's lifeless body is pulled out of the water. Their other child, only 6 years old, is still missing and presumed dead.

I hope that we can all agree that this is a terrible situation. But we have to show this family love and support during these dire times. This is extremely reminiscent of the Aurora Colorado shooting deaths.Hopefully you read Lisa Belkin's powerful piece on this topic. People were furious that small children were in the theater at that late hour, with that "inappropriate" movie.

People, stop judging. There is such a thing as freedom of speech. But there is also something called decency and human empathy. Even if there were signs posted all over the river warning of danger, the tragedy happened. Two children are dead. Read some of the comments posted about the Yosemite tragedy and feel my anger. Carol Reingard says: "I hope they charge the parents for the neglect and child endangerment. What kind of idiot lets their kids play in raging waters?" Wow, Carol. That's a low blow, even for the Internet. In this case, Bruce Shabino hits it spot on: "I have a 5 and 10 year old boy. I can't even imagine how devasted their parents must feel right now. How tragic. My heart goes out to them." Bruce didn't judge, he just offered a shoulder to cry on. Maddogmosher writes: "as the saying goes you can't fix stupid." My heart hurts.

As a mother of three children, I try to make the best decisions when it comes to their care. I know that most parents struggle daily with decisions related to their brood. We try to keep them out of harms way. I want to raise them with kindness and gratitude. It's a battle every single day. Looks like some of you could benefit from these lessons as well. We are only human, after all.