03/14/2013 02:04 pm ET Updated May 14, 2013

Beauty Comes From a Balance Between Body and Mind

We all want to feel good about the way we look. This desire is not superficial, self-absorbed, or vain. On the contrary, it is natural, liberating, transformative, and, most important, within your reach. My father used to say, "A less beautiful woman who knows how to take care of herself can be far more attractive than one who is more physically perfect." Every woman can learn to be her most beautiful. It involves a set of skills that anyone can develop with the right instruction, and does not have to be confusing, intimidating, or difficult.

Having worked with thousands of women, while helping them with questions on everything imaginable relating to beauty, wellness, and fashion (and even relationships!), I consider teaching one of the most gratifying aspects of what I do. It is just as important as the physical transformations I create. I believe that the job of a beauty professional does not stop at the chair but should extend into a client's daily life and incorporate all elements of beauty. In addition to talent, skill, and hard work, this desire to continually hone my expertise, expand my knowledge, and share it with others has been instrumental in building my beauty business. I have always loved to connect with people and to freely share my insights, whether with clients, magazine readers, radio-show listeners and website subscribers, or my staff.

Realizing that you have more control than you ever thought over how you look and feel, and the energy that you exude, is inspirational and can be nothing short of life-changing. Beauty comes from a balance between your body and mind. It's an equation comprised of your hair, skin, makeup, lifestyle, physical and emotional health, and sense of style. You rarely need to change everything about yourself in order to look or feel better. Subtle shifts make a big impact -- whether it's an adjustment to your hair or makeup, diet, or even attitude. Every day I see and speak with women who are unhappy with some aspects of their appearance. Most of the time, they find it hard to put their finger on what exactly is not working. It might be their hair, boredom with their overall look, or fear that they look older. Usually these women are missing just one or more pieces of the beauty pie, and it throws off the whole picture. The solution can be simple. For example, a slight deepening of the hair color can enliven the entire face, and the right hair length and layers can make one look ten years younger.

As I did with so many women who have read my book I am excited to establish a connection with you through this blog, to make professional techniques easy to understand, to empower you with newfound knowledge and skills, and ultimately help to improve the quality of your life. I hope that the information in my upcoming posts will help encourage and inspire you to believe in your beauty and in yourself. By giving you an insider's view into the beauty business and the work of the professional, my objective is not to teach you to become a hairdresser or a makeup artist, but to simplify the technical information, translate industry terms, and make you a more knowledgeable consumer. Learning some of the methods and tools we use in the salon will better enable you to effectively communicate with your hairstylist to get the results you want and to work with your own hair at home. It will give you a deeper understanding of and respect for the craft.

My own learning process on beauty continues each and every day. The beauty lessons have turned into life lessons, all of which I am honored and eager to share with you. I want to welcome you into my chair, and not just for an hour but for as long as you choose to stay in order to attain the tools and knowledge you need. Look for my next post where I will share with you how to design your perfect haircut and will start you on your own beauty journey.

Read more from Eva in her book, Eva Scrivo on Beauty: The Tools, Techniques, and Insider Knowledge Every Woman Needs to Be Her Most Beautiful, Confident Self