04/07/2014 05:17 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

A Deep Dive Into Andy Cohen's Elevator Selfie Message Boards

​Andy Cohen went on vacation a week ago, starting his trip in Montana with a bizarre: "Wait, Andy Cohen and John Mayer hang out together? In Montana?" Insta-pic before bringing it for the heat down South in Miami Beach.

Cohen posted an elevator selfie to kick off the penultimate day of his trip. I couldn't help but notice user mcvilla1's comment, "Can I come up? I wish :)))." I clicked on her profile, which read, "Mom and wife. In my own words 'I'm witty -- not pretty'. Laugh a lot. 33 yrs. young on 4/11/14." I saw that 517 other comments existed above this one, and decided to willingly dive into this wormhole head first.

A lot of "woof" "seexyyy" "boom," the occasional "Can we please be besties?" User nicalus13 would "love to run into 'that' in an elevator LOL." I'm no betting man, but I'd bet a mule and an ox that there's an innocently sinister laugh that echoes after his "LOL."

User Debie Ricahrdson was particularly bummed out. "You're in Miami?? Dang, wish I'd known that. You're someone I would ahve loved to stalked (see...I mean seen. Stalking is bad). I wouldn't mind a good hangover today if it meant I'd cocktailed at a bar you were at! Maybe had some laughs. Oh well maybe next time." Fingers crossed!

A lot of "you look like George Clooney." Like, a lot.

Fsandeerson was definitely getting some vibes, using the "TOP" emoji SIX times!

whysitsohairy had a more direct approach, pronouncing "my bitch hole is famished...feed it your seed."

For his last day day in town, he recreated his "sexyyy" elevator selfie look once more with a different, more "Which way's the sand?" look. The pic was called "So relaxed, sooo cool!" by one user, while marziafoglietta had just three emojis for the talk-show host: "TOP TOP TOP."

Welcome back to N.Y.C., Andy.