03/08/2013 04:50 pm ET Updated May 08, 2013

How to Achieve Long Eyelashes

Super long lashes are one of the most sought after looks when it comes to makeup and there is no surprise why. Not all of us have the patience to apply a set of false lashes every day but achieving the false lash-look is possible using these tips.

Curling the eyelashes is often over looked, but it can be extremely beneficial at helping to lift the lashes. A good quality eyelash curler is a good idea but for extra curl try heating your eyelash curler on a medium heat underneath a hair dryer, just be sure to test it on your wrist prior to use to ensure it isn't too hot. The other option is to use a heated eyelash curler, these are used after mascara and really do add extra lift.

From the face, to the lips, the eyes, and of course the lashes, there are many different primers out there on the market. Eyelash primers may seem like an extra step in your routine but the effect is well worth it. They are built up of tiny little fibers that cling to your lashes and give you that real doe-eyed, false lash effect.

Select a Brush:

With a hundred different brushes out there on the market -- long, skinny, thick, curved, comb, traditional -- it can be just a little confusing trying to figure out which one to pick. To nail the process down, look for mascara wands that are long and skinny or have curved brushes. These allow you to reach every lash, making them look longer and more defined.

Select a Formula:

Look for formulas that contain fibers which cling to the lashes or are designed to give you that false lash effect. For even better results try layering two different formulas, one designed to volumize and one designed to lengthen.

The key to mascara application is to wiggle the wand right at the base of your lashes -- this allows you to build up more product at the roots, giving the lashes a thicker effect and allowing you to reach every lash for extra dimension. If you find your lashes start to clump together try a lash comb or some of these other tips.

Eyeliners aren't usually the first thing to come to mind when you are thinking about longer-looking lashes but they really do help. Either use a liquid liner which contains three small dots which allow you to get in between each of the lashes or take a flat liner brush with some gel eyeliner, lift up your eyelid so the lash line is exposed and then wiggle the brush in between the lashes. This helps to create more definition to the eye and make the lashes look fuller and volumized.