09/12/2014 12:56 pm ET Updated Nov 12, 2014

Rewirement -- As Good As It Gets!

Imagine coming upon a new phase of your life -- not having to work anymore... and feeling totally BORED about it!

They call this retirement -- is it any wonder it feels boring?

I remember well, how over the busy years of my eight various careers (they said I couldn't keep a job! HA!) I used to ponder why society missed the boat so badly, by putting retired people on the shelf, as it were. Just when folks had developed their most and best wisdom, and a full range of experiences, and after a lifetime of trying things out and finally figuring out what worked, they were considered "used up." How ridiculous! And what a waste, to ignore the great insights that these well-matured folks had discovered during their lifetimes!

Finding ways for these Rewired "experts" to share their wisdom, and all the great insights they'd discovered during their lifetimes -- especially with young people, who so badly needed good role models, made so much sense, and still does.

So, now it was my turn. I wanted to find a new name for this important life stage. And then it hit me! I was about to have all the time I'd always wanted to think, plan, and create, fulfilling some of the passions I'd craved to indulge in so many times over the years, when I didn't have the luxury of carrying through on my dreams, because of all my other commitments and obligations. And then I realized:

I was NOT about to retire -- I was going to REWIRE!

Wow! Talk about excited! That thought, Rewirement, the opportunity to dig into all the really exciting projects I'd been pushing into the background for far too long, motivated me to the max, and fully turned my lights on! I just knew this approach would have the same effect on other "Rewirees" I knew! Yahoo!

Turns out, I was right! Every person from then on, who congratulated me on my upcoming Retirement, heard my new vision... of REWIRING! And each one loved it. They asked if they could use this approach too, when it was their turn. My pleasure!

Even one of the senior execs in the large company I was with when I Rewired, loved the concept, adopted it, and made it a part of his Farewell Address:

"And now, I'm off to Rewire! A phrase I learned from a good friend with more imagination than I have. Thanks, Eve!" What fun!

Now that I've enjoyed my Rewirement for several years, I can tell you how much more energized and alive I feel. Every morning I have the luxury of waking up and deciding..... "What would I love to do today? Where can I spread a little sunshine, and encourage some positive thinking?"

Not that I want to be a Pollyanna, but instead to share some uplifting perspectives with others, reinforcing that there are many ways to look at challenges, and which approach we chose to take is totally under our control!

Not by TELLING people how to do things, but encouraging them to seek and find their ways, that would make them happy and fulfilled. Then, we could do great things together, and celebrate the awesome feeling that ensues when our lives are being productively, creatively -- and fully lived each day! Feel the Goosebumps!

So, to all my friends, "old" and new -- enjoy my gift to you, too!

REWIRE! With health, happiness and all the joy this new lease on life can bring -- if you let it!

Go and grow!