11/01/2011 12:00 pm ET Updated Jan 01, 2012

Chiara Fersini's Surreal Self-Portraits: The Bright Side of Dreams

Eerie and beautiful, sensual and delicate.... this is how I will describe Chiara Fersini's works.

Chiara Fersini aka Himitsuhana investigates the inner relation between photography and painting, and takes inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelites painters and Liberty style. Fantasy is her drug. "The world today is so grey and sad, and fantasy is the only thing that makes me see something different and good. It can also make people more optimistic. How could the world have evolved without fantasy?"

Chiara believes that photography is more than technique, it is more than having an expensive equipment. She is deeply convinced that photography is not the camera, it is the eye that stands behind the camera. Her aim is to portray every single glance of the human soul and encourage people to dream and never stop believing in dreams.

Shooting a self-portrait is a provocative experience because it allows you to look at yourself through the eyes of others. Being aware of what you are is the most difficult thing to achieve. A self-portrait is truly an artist's representation of self. ~~ Chiara Fersini

Chiara Fersini has already participated in several art exhibitions and contests. Her works have been featured in various magazines such as Advanced Photoshop, NL and Fashion Capital, UK. Chiara lives and works in Lecce, Italy.
Courtesy Chiara Fersini Images copyright © Chiara Fersini
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