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In Memory of Frida Kahlo: Her Photos

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo's extraordinary life and iconic biographical paintings have earned her international renown in the world of modern art. Upon Kahlo's death in 1954, more than 6,500 personal photographs and items belonging to her and husband Diego Rivera were sealed and put in storage.

Artisphere is the first and only venue in the United States to present Frida Kahlo: Her Photos, an exhibition featuring 259 images from the artist's personal collection of photographs sealed until 2007.

The collection of photographs in this exhibition reflect Kahlo's tastes and interests, the experiences she shared with those close to her, and her complicated, but also exciting, personal life. The child of a Mexican mother and a father of mixed Hungarian and German ancestry, Frida Kahlo grew up during the Mexican Revolution, survived polio, and was in a bus accident that left her in a full body cast for three months with permanent injuries and the inability to have children.

Kahlo's work and travels allowed her to become acquainted with many important figures of the age. She had several lovers, including the sculptor Isamu Noguchi and American photographer Nickolas Muray. These photographs also expose her connections with friends and the people she admired such as Russian Marxist Leon Trotsky, American artists Georgia O'Keefe and photographers Edward Weston, Alfred Stieglitz and Tina Modotti among others.

Frida at four stages of her life, 1932
Author: Guillermo Kahlo

Frida Kahlo after an operation, 1946

Author: Antonio Kahlo

Frida in traction, 1940

Author: Nickolas Muray

Standing next to Miguel Covarrubias

Author: Anonymous

Frida Kahlo with Dr. Juan Farill, 1951

Author: Gisele Freund

Frida Kahlo and the Photographer Tina Modotti, 1928

Author: Anonymous

Nickolas Muray and Frida Kahlo, 1939

Author: Nickolas Muray

Frida Kahlo and unidentified person, ca. 1930

Author: Anonymous

Frida Kahlo, ca. 1944

Author: Lola Alvarez Bravo

Frida Kahlo, 1951

Author: Gisele Freund

Diego Rivera in his studio in San Angel, ca. 1940

Author: Anonymous

Frida painting a portrait of her father, ca. 1951

Author: Gisele Freund

Frida Kahlo with Fulang Chang, ca. 1938

Author: Florence Arquin

Frida Kahlo: Her Photos on exhibit at Artisphere in Arlington, Virginia.

Feb. 23 - March 25, 2012

Courtesy of Artisphere, Arlington, VA

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