01/17/2013 04:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Thomas Jorion's 'Forgotten Palaces': Where Beauty Meets Decay

In his series Forgotten Palaces, French photographer Thomas Jorion has captured deserted palaces and stunning villas abandoned by their owners for various reasons. Mostly shot in Italy, these poignant images underlie the ephemeral, the fragility of human existence. These forgotten palaces reflect a singular aesthetic between decay and eternal beauty, quiet places where the sound of our footsteps still resonate, where melancholy is ever-present, a poetry of absence and silence.

Thomas Jorion photographs urban ruins and condemned buildings, spaces that no longer serve the purposes for which they were built. He lives and works in Paris.

Thomas Jorion
Forgotten Palaces
Pianoforte, 2012 
Copyright © Thomas Jorion
© Thomas Jorion
Porpora, 2010
© Thomas Jorion
Palma, 2010
© Thomas Jorion
2009 © Thomas Jorion
Gli angeli, 2009
© Thomas Jorion
Line e diritto, 2009 © Thomas Jorion
La scala rossa, 2009
© Thomas Jorion
Courtesy of Thomas Jorion
Via trouvaillesdujour