12/15/2014 08:21 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Millions March NYC -- Fight Against Police Brutality and Oppression

Saturday, December 13: This day we wrote a new page in history. This day we were marching together side by side in the name of unity, solidarity and justice. This day we were raising our voices against police brutality, inequality and oppression.


Evgeniya Melnikova

According to NYPD, more than 50,000 people were out in the streets, participating in the Millions March NYC. Many more marches were happening all over the country the same day.


Evgeniya Melnikova

It can not be said enough, how tired are people to witness injustice and failures of the system. From Gaza to Ferguson, to New York- the voices are loud and the message is clear: END THIS NOW.


Evgeniya Melnikova


Evgeniya Melnikova

How many more years will white privilege continue to exist? How many more years will innocent people and children die under the bombs and bullets of those "in charge"?


Evgeniya Melnikova

We are all in this struggle together.

When We Breathe-We Breathe Together


Evgeniya Melnikova