03/18/2013 10:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Faithful Shopper: Holiday Chocolate

With Passover beginning on the 25th and Easter Sunday on the 31st, now is the time for my annual survey of the greatest indulgence of all -- chocolate! We've had a number of outstanding newcomers in recent months, which, added to some tried-and-true, make for a very sweet season!

Cacao Prieto
These treats from the Prieto family come from cacao beans they've been farming in the Dominican Republic for more than 100 years. Organic, certified Kosher, and a true artisanal product -- they're also wonderful!

This Sapporo, Japan-based maker is another new international entrant, using the highest quality ingredients to produce truffles, berry chocolates, and even chocolate-covered potato chips!

Fruition Chocolate
Now downstate from the Catskills, this bean-to-bar confectioner creates goodies that are 66 percent cacao -- which somehow, I know, makes it good for you!

Fifth Avenue Chocolatiere
Amazing truffles and a terrific favors and corporate service department to create a custom masterpiece to send to friends, clients and more.

Kee's -- 80 Thompson Street; 452 Fifth Avenue; 315 West 39th Street
I've mentioned Kee's before, but the treats here are just too good not to be repeated. Check out this season's special flavors, as well as some of her more unusual confections, including Earl Grey dark chocolate truffles.

This shop provides a world tour through chocolate, with flavor combinations inspired by India, Costa Rica, and more, with ingredients including paprika, saffron and rose petals. Offers gelato, too!

The Plaza Food Hall
In addition to sushi, baked goods and more, get your chocolate fix here. Choose from Lady M and Maison du Chocolat -- or why pick? Try them all ...

Neuhaus Chocolate
Belgian chocolates beyond compare! The Easter eggs here are just adorable, and even better, they're made of outstanding creamy goodness. Best, Neuhaus is dedicated to helping its cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast, supporting education for their children.

The Chocolate Room
Want to enjoy your treats immediately? This café offers sundaes, pastries, chocolate and caramel-flavored popcorn and more, made from all-natural ingredients. Definitely worth a trip across the river for us Manhattanites, and a reason to stay home in Brooklyn!

Roni-Sue's Chocolates
Rhonda Kave's chocolates come from cacao beans grown in Belize, combined with special ingredients from around the world. Kave is a true artist in chocolate!

And the classic:

Yes, I admit a sentimental reason to include Godiva -- it was my very first client in the business. But they more than justify my, ahem, faith in them, with classic ingredients and incomparable quality.

Enjoy these treats as you observe these holiest of days. Happy Passover, Happy Easter, and Happy Shopping!