02/13/2011 01:07 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Anderson Cooper v. Hosni Mubarak -- The Other Battle

Among the various reasons we were given, ("WMD", etc.) the Iraq invasion was also about W wanting to kick some serious butt because Saddam messed with his old man. It was Bush v. Saddam. It was personal.

Then, there's Egypt. Mubarak messed with the wrong man. He pushed and shoved and punched, and made for himself one hell of a western enemy. He made it personal. I'm not talking about Bush or Biden or Cheney or Obama. I'm talking about CNN's Anderson Cooper.

This man is seriously ticked off with the president of Egypt. There is enough rage oozing out of his pores that he can single-handedly burn down Mubarak's 80 billion dollars of stolen money with the sparks of his fury.

For example, AC doesn't show you that Mubarak is lying, like any other reporter, he makes the decision for you. He is not playing it safe. He wants to leave no doubt in your head. He is also out for blood. Watch his newscasts, listen to his words, watch his brow furrow at the very mention of HM!

Clearly, the primary battle is between the citizens of Egypt and a regime that is resisting change, that has become so bogged down by the weight of wealth and power that it has lost sight of reality. I in no way am downplaying the Egyptian rise to power -- it is awesome and inspiring. Democracy is on the march.

But still. Anderson Cooper is pretty darned angry. He has looked into the belly of the whale, saw a surly hair-dying leader who is deaf to his people, and most importantly, who shoved AC around and made him hide in a hallway.

If there's one man you shouldn't have hectored, Hosni, it was AC. You won't last until September.