02/04/2015 05:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

7 Buys for the Germaphobic Traveler


We're warding off travel bugs in ways both silly (a germ-fighting scarf) and smart (hand-held sanitizing spray). Photo courtesy of You Smell.

By Berit Baugher for Fathom | It's a new year, and you've resolved to travel smarter and to clean up your act. Too bad it's also flu season, enemy of travelers everywhere. Travel germ-free with these seven Fathom-approved finds to safeguard your vacation.

1. You Smell Paper Soaps

Portable fragrant paper soap sheets that are smaller than a business card and made without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or other icky-sounding chemicals.

2. EO Sanitizing Wipes

Wipe down tray tables and door handles with a travel-friendly pack of antibacterial wipes.


Photo: Courtesy of Germ Guardian

3. Germ Guardian

We'd like to think hotel rooms are cleaned from top to bottom, but who are we kidding? For insurance, we'll pack this plug-in air purifier, which claims to eliminate 98% of airborne germs.

4. Miists Hand Sanitizer Spray

An alcohol-free, natural, moisturizing, and conditioning spray that works on everything from hands to ATM machines.


Photo: Courtesy of We Are Scough

5. Jasper Scough

We're not sure what to make of this one. More than a mere scarf, this flannel weapon wards off winter germs and nasty pollution. How? The scarf is equipped with an activated-carbon filter, the kind used by the military to protect against chemical warfare. Seriously, people. Seriously.

6. Earloop Mask

Another face protector! We'll channel our Japanese pals (and ignore the sniggers of everyone around us) with a nose and mouth face mask. It may not be discreet, but it will ensure a safe and healthy trip. And remember: You are what you breathe.


Photo: Courtesy of Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman

7. Dr. Lipman's Greens

Celebrity favorite and Fathom contributor Dr. Frank Lipman has a line of travel-friendly products and supplements, like this immune system booster: a powder packet of superfoods, probiotics, and micro-algae. Mix into a glass of water anytime, but especially before a flight.

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