02/26/2015 05:17 pm ET Updated Apr 28, 2015

Celebrating Girls During Womens History Month

Women have made huge contributions to our society in all areas from education to entertainment.

We have been a force in our communities locally as well as globally believing that just one voice can make a difference in the lives of all human beings. We are mothers raising children to be productive citizens, educators teaching youth to compete in a global society and community servants empowering girls and women through empowerment programs.

Women's History Month is a reminder that we have a rich "Herstory" of resilience and forward thinking mindset. It is a reminder that women of power come in all shades of greatness and beauty. It gives us the opportunity to show generations of girls that there is a power within each and every one of us that when used for good can impact humanity for the greater good.

In our ever changing society we must continue to show girls what it truly means to be a woman. Instill values in them that will resonate with girls as they transition into womanhood. Teach them to respect themselves and develop a positive sense of self. Everyday girls are inundated with images of what "perfection" looks like or "get fame quick" schemes that may lead them to compromising who they were born to be. We as women have to counteract these false teachings in a way that does not alienate our young princesses but embrace their unique culture and give them a sense of pride, a sense of hope and a desire to succeed beyond their imagination.

This Women's History Month Young Enterprising Sisters, a nonprofit organization that educates, empowers and energize the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders will spotlight 31 exceptional young ladies. These young ladies are excelling academically as well as in their community.

To learn more about these extraordinary girls visit their facebook page at