10/16/2014 05:48 pm ET Updated Dec 16, 2014

Flow Like Water: How Water Supports Your Feminine Leadership

Hans-Peter Merten via Getty Images

Water is an element of the Sacral Chakra, the seat of Feminine Power. It is essential to life on earth. 70% of the planet is covered in water and the human body consists of around the same amount too.

It is a symbol for purification, blessing and transformation. It is primordial and life emerges from it. Water takes the path of least resistance.

Water has a powerful influence on us because we emerge from water, are made of water and cannot live without water. This article was inspired by the sheer beauty and power of Niagara Falls.

Water has to be present for growth, expansion and transformation. Here are ways water can support you in your Feminine Leadership and connect you to your feminine essence.

1. Think Water

The thoughts you think and the words you speak and hear have an effect on your water body and vibration and help you create the life you desire. Become aware of the thoughts you feed yourself with and the impact they are creating. Be conscious of the words you speak. They shape your life.

What you listen to will influence your thinking, your words and your actions. Your emotions are your guideline to how supportive your thinking, speaking and listening are for your wellbeing and subsequently for those around you.

As a Leader you influence through the energy you project. A high frequency vibration can change the structure of water. How sparkling is your water?

2. Drink Water

You have heard it so many times. Drinking water is one of the basic foundations of wellbeing. I am talking about raising your standard of drinking water. It is sacred art. Water is the elixir of life. Make it part of your morning ritual to hydrate and prepare for the day.

Use beautiful containers to drink from. You can add herbs like mint or rosemary, fruits, berries and/or essential oils.

For true luxury try a drop of rose oil in a liter of water. The fragrance of rose oil is intoxicating and sensuous. It is also a healing oil for the heart and is excellent during times of major transitions.

3. Be in Water

Immersing yourself in water feels like a balm for your soul. It feels like home. Water is primordial and therapeutic. Use it to release, relax, uplift, nurture, reconnect, recharge and heal. The ocean, rivers, lakes, streams and falls are filled with inspiration.

At home add essential oils and/or Epsom salt or sea salt in a bath to create the environment you desire. And of course remember the candles and flower petals.

4. Flow like Water

Water like life is in constant motion even when it looks still. There is no other way to go. When you are in resistance use one of the above tips to connect with the energy of water. Let water help you release the struggle. Everything you want is downstream.

Take the path of least resistance and flow like water. Your path of Feminine Leadership is like a river. Sometimes calm and serene, sometimes wild and turbulent but always flowing forward towards its destination.

Use this affirmation to access the transformation available through water: The wisdom and abundance of water is free for me to explore and experience.