05/16/2014 11:08 am ET Updated Jul 16, 2014

How to Go Digital With Your Spring Cleaning

Tom Merton via Getty Images

Do you just love spring? With the crisp weather, the rainbow of flowers popping up and the lush green trees, spring is a season of renewal. You can open the windows, let the fresh-air breeze in and get a fresh start. And with spring's arrival, maybe you are even tossing around the idea of a little spring cleaning. It may be difficult to think of the word "cleaning" in a positive light, but the process of spring cleaning is ultimately about your well-being because it's getting rid of the old and welcoming in the new. (It isn't all dust and drudgery!) And instead of tackling your garage or your storage closets, let's talk about how to go digital with your spring cleaning.

Apps be gone.

If you are like me, you have apps that have built up on your iPhone and iPad. Apps that you thought would be useful when you downloaded them, but now they are just taking up space. Get rid of those unused apps even if someone said you'd love them. Chances are if you haven't used them yet, you probably won't be using them down the road.

Take action on emails collecting dust.

There's something about holding on to emails that makes us feel good. I've heard so many people who take it as a point of pride at how many messages they get daily and how many messages they have in their inbox, myself included. But it's time to get rid of extra emails this spring. I deleted entire folders that I have not opened so far this year. Holding on to files, folders and emails just in case I might need something someday makes no sense. I can always recreate them or live without them.

Polish your profiles.

I recently realized that the background image on one of my profiles was actually from last fall. The problem with seasonal photos is they become dated as soon as the season is over. It's important to go back with a fresh pair of eyes and look over your social profiles. Take a minute and review every profile that you use. Spruce up your photos, bio and images. Make sure everything looks current and is working. Give your pages a fresh polish to take you into the new season.

Unfollow people.

Recently I started thinking that Twitter is no longer as valuable to me, but then I realized I was burying my Twitter newsfeed with people who were not providing information and content that I value. I decided to clean house. I deleted people from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to de-clutter. All of these social media platforms should be optimized for their best intention and for your best value now. Maybe last year you were interested in a topic and began following many people to learn from them. If that topic is no longer of value, unfollow them or create a list and segment them from your main newsfeed. Unfollow so you can focus your time and make room for the voices that matter to you most. Give yourself permission to unfollow, unlike or de-link people who aren't providing you with value.

Come out of hibernation.

Many of us go into physical, emotional and psychological hibernation during winter. Spring is the time to dust off those contacts and make plans with your network. An email makes us feel close to people, a phone call is better, but there's nothing like face-to-face contact. Spring is the time to get out there and meet people. Schedule some lunches, pick up the phone and check in, and reconnect with your colleagues and friends.

Enjoy your spring without a cluttered digital house. Enjoy feeling lighter and more organized. Now you can use your mental clarity and the vitality of spring to spark new ideas for you or your business. Have a fabulous springtime!

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