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Summer Fashion: Sexy And Hip Over 50

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Let's face it -- our  bodies are canvasses that we can color and ornament -- we are in charge of the "look" we want to present. What is your style? This summer as I begin to bare my skin I prefer to  throw away the magnifiers, stay loose, chill out and dress in what makes me feel good and hip. I've put together a few choice items that are my go-to favorites and finds.

This is only a  short list -- there's so much great stuff out there this season. What are some of your favorite finds? Please comment and throw in any of your favorites for us to check out in the space below. Trust me -- we'll all tell you candidly -- what we think of your suggestions.
No Worries About Muffin Top:
THE PERFECT WHITE BLOUSE  FOR ALL SUMMER LONG.   Here's a "look" I just love. It's the crisp, white blouse.  I think you can't have enough of these. Season to season, I never tire of them, and the only challenge is --- when to throw them out?  I say, keep them forever and use for gardening or chores and as an around the house coverup over a tee shirt.

I love putting on my white blouse, whether it's a ruffly white cotton or a super crisp collared one, with jeans and sandals and a bright necklace, scarf or wrap.  It always looks fresh and sharp and is both professional and festive--not to mention -- comfortable.
Portobello Road
23 Boylston Street Chestnut Hill, Ma
Love this whole look, don't you?  Here's what's featured above:
Calleen Cordero sneakers
Pete & Greta cargo shorts
Two Hippies messenger bag
Subtle Luxury white tank
Voyage Indie crochet sweater
Manage your Hot Flashes (and muffin top):  Stephanie 2-way Tank with a Cooling System by Yummie Tummie

BA50's you're gonna  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their products! No excuses not to pack light with these basics. All that's needed is their little tee for evening and the "Stephanie"  for daytime layered under a white blouse---add  jeans and  sandals, a few accessories and you've got your go-to summer outfit.

How does this "cooling system" work?  Their seamless nylon shaping tank designed with Outlast Technology uses an innovative heat management technology that balances your body temperature. It smooths & shapes your middle while keeping you from getting too hot or too cold


Sexy Summer Daisy Bras  By Marie Joe

Expensive but worth it - beautiful & supportive:


The Cropped Pants -- an alternative to Shorts.

Even the beautiful Sharon Stone at age 54 has "krinkly knees" -- but so what! Fashion mags tell us to hide them, but do we have to? It's not easy to find shorts that cover the knees and don't make you look like you're headed out to the golf course--BUT  if we refer to them as "cropped pants," then we have some options.

How about the popular Lululemon? I'm going to order a pair of these shorts--they look perfect, lightweight, and you can wear them to yoga or wear them as Cropped Pants.


Feet: Comfortable Plus Stylish Sandals:
I posed a question on Facebook about the most comfortable summer sandals and got over 30 responses, and Fit Flops won out as the most popular, stylish solution. I have researched these shoes and see that I can order them directly from the Fit Flop site,, and from just about anywhere. They come in different colors and styles, and I even saw a pair that were decorated with Swarovski Crystals-- but those will cost you -- to the tune of $270.

Practical and "A Tad Nautical" Beach Coverup

My partner Ronna LOVES this CYA coverup.  I think it's ok and a tad preppy -- but she thinks it's a winner -- so I included it. She loves to sail and this look is definitely nautical. Doesn't it look a bit like a coat?  Whatever -- if I'm going to take my "sun blocking" seriously this summer, I may have to consider this one. I do like that it shields the arms fully from the sun and is available in plenty of bright colors.  If you don't know the Athleta product line, it's worth checking out. P.S.: I love their biking clothes.
Ok - So it's your turn to share -- got some shopping links for us?


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