06/27/2012 08:18 am ET Updated Aug 27, 2012

My Workout Music For Success

Music is my passion. It's allowed me to get where I am today, and­ my success in the industry helped me start other projects and businesses. I don't listen to just one genre, so my music collection and playlists reflect all types of artists and music. Through my personal interpretation, each artist or individual track inspires me; they all bring something different to the table.

"Telescope" -- Wiz Khalifa feat. 50 Cent
"Queens, N.Y." -- 50 Cent, feat. Precious Paris
"Do Your Thing" -- Precious Paris
"You So Tough" -- G Unit
"Straight Outta Southside" -- G Unit
"Let It Go" - G Unit
"Here We Go Again" -- Governor Washington
"Do It Again (Put Ya Hands Up)" -- Jay-Z
"NI$$AS BE SCHEMIN" -- Kidd Kidd
"Riot Remix" -- 2 Chainz feat. 50

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