03/05/2015 02:27 pm ET Updated May 05, 2015

Here Are the Most Conservative and Liberal States in Congress

Texas and California are frequently used to epitomize America's red and blue divide, but they're not actually the most partisan states when considering how the population votes in congressional elections.

Scroll over the map from FindTheBest below, with data from, to see the party composition of each state in Congress.

Percentage Republican Representation in Congress by State | FindTheBest

Texas's congressional delegation is only 71.1 percent Republican, and California's is only 74.5 percent Democratic. So although they're bastions for conservative and liberal ideals, respectively, both states bring a voice from the opposite party to the national debate.

Many states, however, do elect delegations that are 100 percent Republican or 100 percent Democratic. Currently, eight states (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Utah, Idaho, Alaska, South Dakota and Wyoming) are entirely represented by Republicans in Congress, while six states (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Delaware and Vermont) are entirely represented by Democrats.

See a detailed breakdown of each state, below.

Party Composition by State: Most Conservative | FindTheBest
Party Composition by State: Most Liberal | FindTheBest