08/27/2014 11:20 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

I Love to Drink Coffee Every Day and Twice As Much on Sundays

I'll let you in on a little secret. Drinking coffee, for me, is more like a great love affair. Yes, I said it, a L-O-V-E affair. Why not love? I mean, what is love anyway? Lots of definitions of love say it's a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another. Or a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. Truly, my quest to drink coffee, like love is a force of nature. And I'm not alone, I like many Americans have an insatiable appetite when it comes to spending time with a cup of Joe. Did you know that it is estimated that there are 100 million people in the U.S. who drink coffee? Crazy right!


I can't even begin my day without a piping hot cup of coffee. Morning, noon or night, lots of us, actually 54% of Americans, over the age of 18 drink coffee daily. Our love affairs are definitely starting younger and younger, even tweens are drinking coffee. Oh... how they want to grow up fast? Yes, they fall madly in love with their coffee and brewery of choice after only five, 10, 20 minutes together.

Still, many coffee couplings have been together for years -- maybe even decades -- and are still passionately in love. Each has their own particular love story that spans the romantic spectrum: the good, the bad and the steamy. But like many torrid love affairs, theirs may not last. I know I've struggled to stay drinking coffee. It's not ideal for my body since battling with colon cancer only a few years ago. Unfortunately, my stomach is quite sensitive still, as discussed in my recent memoir.


Why'd I fall for Joe? I guess it was his taste, his aroma and the sense of excitement and exhilaration each and every time we meet up. No wonder, I love coffee every day, and twice as much on Sundays. I think my brain is awash with chemicals. Those same chemicals that are stimulated by love. Whatever the case maybe I return day after day for yet another sip. Seriously, I'm a not a caffeine junkie -- I'm a love junkie.

Ever since I was a kid watching Disney movie, after Disney movie, I've been in love with being in love. What if love is about the simple pleasures in life, not the hype of having grandiose romantic relationships? Why not? Sure some days that cup leads to an overload, and eventual exhaustion but trust me, so have plenty of my romantic relationships. You know, in the beginning of any relationship you get an energy boost but then, later sometimes it just crashes and burns.


Oddly enough, cheating exists in my love affair with coffee. There are those times when I am unable to locate my favorite coffee joint. So then, and only then, I've turned my affections to whatever coffee was handy. And can you believe it? I've actually felt guilty on those days. So yes, yes, yes I'll admit it -- I'm passionately obsessed with coffee.

Honestly, I know I justify this love affair by telling myself that drinking coffee is the lesser of two evils. That is, with coffee I know I'll get my needs met and that can't always be accomplished in a relationship with another person, can it? Well, to sum up my blog, I guess we all chose our own poisons in life, mine is coffee what's yours?

But really and truly, I'd love to hear what you're madly, passionately in love with other than people! Please comment below...

Fiona Finn, author of Raw: One Woman's Journey through Love, Loss, and Cancer. Like my humor? Then Follow me, or follow me not on Twitter @fionaburkefinn.