08/22/2014 02:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jesus Spoke to Me: the Only Story You Need to Read Today

Okay, okay, I know the title of my blog sounds pretty crazy to some, but trust me I'm about to tell you a truthful account of the day Jesus spoke to me, Fiona Finn. It all happened only a few years ago, just after I finished up my second round of chemo. You see, I fought most of that battle alone since my husband of ten years had abandoned me only months into therapy. I will never forget, signing the divorce agreement, all the while tears streamed down my face uncontrollably. Oh, how I wished he'd change his mind and somehow regret his decision to leave me and the children. But that was not to be. So, I let him go, in order to see if he was really mine to begin with.

That said, he never returned, leaving me penniless and brokenhearted. Still my body was struggling to find balance. Undeniably, I was broken in every way humanly possible: physically, mentally, emotionally, and yes, even spiritually. It was then that I'd been referred to try acupuncture in order to find some relief. Honestly, all that came to mind when I heard the word 'acupuncture' was the image of all those pins and needles being inserted into my body. Really, it sounded like pain, a lot of pain. Why on earth would I subject myself to all of that, I asked myself?


The strange thing is that never in a million years in my old life (pre-illness and divorce) would I have even considered being treated like a human pincushion. But my life had drastically changed and I needed to do something different in order to find some relief. So, I caved in and made an appointment. To say I was uncomfortable when I arrived is putting it mildly. I was damn right, scared. The acupuncturist/ owner spent time reviewing my medical history and then inserted lots of extremely thin needles throughout my body. She said that each point of entry was a strategic point on my body that once pricked would bring about healing.

Honest to God, I would have tried anything at this point. My life was in my opinion ruined and most likely, beyond repair. As the owner was leaving the room, she told me to lie still, trying not to move and she'd be back in about forty-five minutes. I instantly shrieked "please check on me in twenty minutes." And as she turned off the lights and tried to close the door, I also asked "can you please leave the door open a crack."

I wasn't comfortable in this new, strange environment but I proceeded to close my eyes while taking long, deep breathes. I kept saying "I am a child of God and no harm will come to me." Over and over, I repeated in my mind the same thought "I am a child of God and no harm will come to me." No sooner than I had repeated this four, maybe five times, I heard a male's voice, clear as day. He said to me in a peaceful and calming voice "Fiona, those are the same words that I said to myself on the way to the cross, my Crucifixion." Then and there, I knew it was Jesus speaking.


This experience was so profound that I felt compelled find a rational explanation for what had happened to me. I was shocked to discover that I, like Deepak Chopra had achieved Christ consciousness without any knowledge of what it was. I had tapped into a direct channel or higher consciousness. This level of higher consciousness is the "point of contact with God." You see, Jesus is a perfect spiritual being, a direct extension of God if you will, who had a human experience. And we as humans have a shared experience with him. He felt what we feel, He thought what we think, and He feared what we fear. Therefore, we are really never alone!

Yes, I have opened myself up to ridicule but by choice, mainly by releasing my controversial memoir RAW: One Woman's Journey Through Love, Loss, and Cancer. See, I'm usually not one to wave my religious flag about; I like to walk the walk instead of talk the talk. Nope, I'm not a wacko, nor am I a bible thumper, not that there's anything wrong with that. Yet, for the past few years, I've struggled to understand why had Jesus chosen to speak to me, an ordinary housewife anyway?

It's not like I don't have my beliefs, I do... and I don't want to change your beliefs, trust me, I don't. It's just that I never really believed I would have to stand up for what I believe in. And when I released last week's viral blog titled "God and Angel in Photograph er Cape Coral, Florida" I knew I had hit upon something. Obviously, with over fifty thousand people liking the post within days I understood that there is a real thirst for people to share their beliefs and experiences without fear, without judgment. Today, I consider myself, somewhat of an enlightened housewife who's had an experience that many have sought to find, a mind-body transformation. And I want you to know that you too, can have this transformation, no matter what your beliefs are, as stated in the bible "these things that I do, you can do also." By tuning in.

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