09/23/2012 08:56 am ET Updated Nov 23, 2012

10 Spooky Places To Visit In The U.S. (PHOTOS)

Each year Americans of all ages get in the "spirit" of Halloween. Like so many others, my family and I enjoy all of the typical Halloween activities; from trick-or-treating and costume parties, to pumpkin patches and jack-o-lantern carving.

But one thing we have yet to do is visit a haunted attraction -- even though there are several wildly popular options near where we live.

However, for some die-hard Halloween enthusiasts, make-believe haunted houses are simply not enough. They want the real deal. So, in honor of those looking for something really spooky this All Hallows' Eve, the team is sharing some of its favorite haunted locations from our own travels within the U.S.

Visit them if you dare!

Have any spooky destinations of your own? Feel free to share.

- - Michelle Erickson is the director of public relations at and is based in California. A British native, Michelle has lived on three continents and is an avid traveler.

10 Spooky Places to Visit in the U.S.