02/21/2014 01:46 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2014

Spring Break: Where Folks Are Flying and What They Are Paying

New research from™ has identified the best and worst destinations for budget-conscious travelers still looking to purchase flights for the mid-term getaway.

This spring break students and families across America are enjoying reduced airfares to many popular destinations, compared with 2013 pricing. However, while some routes have decreased in price by as much as 66 percent, the No. 1 spring break destination (for seven of the eight college towns analyzed) was not the cheapest flight route available. Nor was it the destination with the biggest year-on-year price drop.

Those travelers looking to get the best bang for their buck should instead consider alternative destinations to the most popular vacation spot from their city.

For instance, East Coasters can get tremendous value from destinations like Las Vegas, Cancun and West Palm Beach. And, on the West Coast, flights to Hawaii are trending significantly lower than last year.

For a rundown of this year's Top 10 spring break destinations from Boston, Columbus, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. click here.

Spring Break: Where Folks Are Flying and What They Are Paying

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Michelle Erickson is the director of public relations at and is based in California. A British native, Michelle has lived on three continents and is an avid traveler.