03/13/2013 05:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pie For Pi Day: Italian Rice Pie

Sometimes there's nothing better than a slice of pie. Try Italian Rice Pie for a celebration tomorrow (Pi Day!), or as the traditional Easter Sunday dessert it truly is.

Move over risotto, rice pie is ready for it's turn in the Italian rice spotlight!

Italian Rice Pie: If you didn't grow up eating this traditional Easter dessert, you missed out. But not to worry -- you can celebrate Pi Day tomorrow, March 14th, and make up for lost time with this comforting recipe. Made from short-grain arborio rice, it combines the luscious custard of a rice pudding with ricotta, eggs and lemon. This is the kind of recipe that gets passed from generation to generation, and for good reason.

For many Italian families, rice pie is as much a staple of Easter as lamb. And for many rice pudding-loving families, this can be your new favorite variation, adding a buttery crisp crust to a sweet and creamy rice filling. It's like having the best crisp cookies and the best rice pudding together in one dish!

Originally an outlet for leftover rice, this dessert is delicious enough to merit a trip to the grocery store. Make the pie tonight for Pi Day tomorrow, and you'll also get in a "dry run" to see if it's worthy of a place on your Easter menu!

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