Blueberry Crisp for the Best Summer BBQ

Warm out of the oven with a spoonful of homemade whipped cream? It's seriously one of my favorite desserts.
06/27/2014 01:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sweet Blueberry Crisp with the punch of lime is the perfect dessert for any party. Serve warm with a spoonful of homemade whipped cream!

I love crisps. Warm out of the oven with a spoonful of homemade whipped cream? It's seriously one of my favorite desserts.

It also helps that making a crisp is incredibly easy. Choose your fruit, add a little sugar, and top it with the most crisp topping you can imagine.

I tend to go a bit overboard in the crumb department. It's like frosting on a cupcake, the more the better!

When I scoop out the crisp, I like the crunchy part. By making sure there is enough crunchy for everyone, I created this recipe! And let me tell you, the crunch with the tart blueberries, and the cold cream. OMG.

I added the lime to the recipe to give it a little tartness. The first batch of this was a little too sweet for me (I KNOW, am I actually saying those words???)

Plus, I love my fruit paired with citrus. Instead of lemons, I though lime might be a great choice. Guess what? It was, of course! I mean otherwise, this blueberry crisp recipe would be Blueberry Lemon. Which would still have been delicious I'm sure, so if you're about to ask if you can use lemon, the answer is YES.

As for the whipped cream, it's a cinch to make! Just beat your whipped cream with a little sugar to stabilize it. Of course, it becomes a sweet gooey mess when you spoon it onto the hot blueberry crisp. But that's sorta the point, right?


You can skip the whipped cream and go for ice cream if you'd rather. I won't judge. I like both! Although, sometimes ice cream can be a bit overwhelming when added to a crisp. Sure an apple crisp can hold up to the ice cream flavor (they are sort of meant to go together), but if you've never tried it with whipped cream, give this a try!

And as much as I love Cool Whip, in this recipe I promise it's not the same. So don't even try it! And don't be grabbing that canned stuff either. Okay, I won't know if you do, but make this. OK? And then use the leftover whipped cream in your coffee or hot cocoa. YUM.

We love crisps, cobblers and pie. Want to make more? Try slow cooker cobbler with berries, skillet peach cobbler or our strawberry pie recipe.

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