01/02/2013 01:48 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2013

The Best New Bars In The U.S.

David Lathan Reamer

When the conversation turns to cocktails, as it often does at Food & Wine, there's one person we listen to loud and clear: Jim Meehan. He's been called many things, including: Bartender of the Year; the bar manager at Manhattan's outstanding PDT (a.k.a., the place that you walk through a phone booth Bond-style to enter); and Deputy Editor of the F&W Cocktail book series. Because this is one of the best times in memory to be drinking great cocktails, we asked Meehan to pick his 10 favorite new spots in the country. He obliged. Here, Food & Wine reveals the Top 10 Best New Bars in the U.S.

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The Best New Bars In The U.S.