02/10/2015 04:09 pm ET Updated Apr 12, 2015

10 Worst Things to Eat at a Funeral


The death of a loved one is always heartbreaking and saying that last goodbye is a personal moment that should not be spoiled. Especially by popcorn.

Some ceremonies can last hours and a snack might not sound like a bad idea, but the folks from comedy group Straight White Males showed exactly how the cold realities of serving food during a wake can turn in to the most excruciatingly painful social setting.

There are definitely foods that should not be eaten during a funeral and each one listed is worst than the next. If your family already hated you, this could just add fuel to the fire as you see your dear Nana for the last time.

Check out the 10 foods that should not be eaten at a while at a funeral and the ultimate annoyances behind them:

Written by's Isai Rocha