Burger King Tests Chicken Waffle Sandwich, Apparently Looks Like 'Struggle'

And it doesn't look so hot.
01/30/2014 02:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The struggle-looking specimen above hails from Burger King, in what appears to be their attempt at a chicken waffle sandwich. First spotted by Foodbeast reader Troy Smith, the sandwich features a soggy breaded chicken patty in-between two equally soggy waffles. At the moment, the chicken waffle item seems to only be testing at select locations on the East Coast (this one was seen in Pittston, Pennsylvania).

You might recall a similar fast food take on the waffle. Last year in May, Taco Bell was seen testing a "Waffle Taco" stuffed with a sausage patty and scrambled egg. Taco Bell also rolled out a Chicken & Waffle and dessert version a few months later, both fell flat thanks to the spongy, frozen-Eggo Waffle texture of the "shell."

Hopefully, Burger King's brave interpretation on this classic combo fares better. Judging from the doubtfulᅡᅠ"Shit needs Viagra" commentary, however, the chain may need to step it up a notch.