08/26/2014 05:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Geezer Masters Techno-Speak


Technology, for anyone born after 1980, is part of your language. But the rest of us? It's like learning to speak in tongues. And learning curves do not always move smoothly upward.

Suppose you grew up thinking a drop down window simply had a broken sash cord -- if you were born after 1980 you probably don't know what sash cords are anyway -- and right click was something you did with castanets? And your brain is wired to hit the return lever at the end of every line, but you're suddenly supposed to know where the tool bar with the back button is, and you thought a back button was something that fastened to a loop at the top of your blouse? You get the picture.

Well, no, you don't get the picture, that's the problem.

Getting the picture onto the blog post takes us right back to the language issue: We know those free-use illustrations are out there, but where and how to find them and -- more to the point -- how to get them from Point A (wherever they are) to Point B (above) is hidden in the mystery language of WordPress and the internet. Friends, some born after 1980, try to help, clicking through drop-down windows and navigating mysterious boxes with astonishing lack of success. This writer's learning curve, meanwhile, flatlines.

Enter my techie friend Ryan. He was born before 1980 but not that long. Ryan speaks WordPress.

All you have to know, he explains, is to Google the topic, click on Images, make the magic Usage Rights appear by clicking on the Search Tools, save to your Desktop (which used to be a flat pine surface.) Then on your WordPress dashboard (which used to be in the car) click Edit on the screen below Title, click once on the photo, which brings up the magic pencil, which will lead you to the boxes, and more pencils and a few more choices. Simple. Of course. (I admit to cheating a little, taking notes on an old-fashioned sheet of paper.)

Here's the bottom line: an illustration for this post appears above. Even geezers can learn.