10/05/2012 04:21 pm ET Updated Dec 05, 2012

America Award Dedicated to Vogue Italia

From Paris to Rome. Two unique, wonderful cities.

I have received the America Award for helping Italian fashion become well-known in America through the pages of Vogue Italia. This award is, therefore, dedicated to the magazine and to all the people who work there. Being considered No. 1 of foreign magazines in America makes me very proud, of course, and makes me also feel a great sense of responsibility.

Is there more that we can do? How can we improve? Creating new ways to draw the attention not only on the big designers but also, and most of all, on the emerging ones. Providing new visions and sharing the dreams that fashion gives us, and sometimes takes away from us. Never giving up before a failure, but most of all never resting on our laurels.

A magazine is like a never-ending work in progress. We cannot possibly repeat ourselves. And it's silly to believe there is a formula. Rules are made and broken. The alternative is dying of boredom!

The award is not an end in itself, but a recognition given to an Italian magazine. A significant confirmation that stimulates us even more. To give you an increasingly good magazine. This award is for you, too. For you who follow us every month.

Thank you America Award, and thanks to all our readers.