02/25/2012 10:48 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Respect for Talent

It's hard for beginners to find their own way, and thus obtain the attention of the press and buyers. But don't think it's easier for "big," well-established designers to renew their style, amaze and keep exciting the general admiration and appreciation.

Respect is almost an unfashionable word. Young designers emerge, some of them are talented, and then an interrogative is immediately raised: "How long will they last?" Give them time. They need to grow. And making mistakes is part of that growth. And slating their work in their second or third season is of no help.

The young ones who are so quick to label established designers as "old," and think that the press cover their work only because they make headlines, show a deeply immature attitude.

Respect for the work of others: Each one should learn to look inside themselves without wasting time judging the others. Being open to a challenge, but always with respect.

Watching the show at Max Mara, a confident and strong collection, featuring flawlessly cut coats and high-quality fabrics, is a lesson in style everyone should respect and learn from. And Fendi -- with the typical creativity and extravagance of Karl Lagerfeld, proposing accessories in clashing colors, like the fake garters or the bags or even fur coats, with colors ranging from deep yellow to pink with inserts in contrasting shades -- was a cheerful and imaginative show. It was designed by a "young big designer" with a modern soul, capable of perceiving the air du temps. Hats off.

And then Ermanno Scervino, who refreshed his collection playing with a modern Amazon, halfway between tradition and new materials, feminine and masculine, colorfulness and soberness. In any case, a collection for today.

Young talents were showcased at the Palazzo Morando, where each girl and boy put their career at stake, presenting their garments and creations. Judged, admired, criticized.

Don't worry. They are all very talented and show great potential. Any possible criticism will help them grow. Let's give them space and time. And, please, let's respect their effort, both emotional and financial.

Respect is the keyword. Everyone is free to think whatever they like -- but respecting others, always!