02/10/2015 03:47 pm ET Updated Apr 12, 2015

3 Essential Friends to Have When You're Single

Friendship is one of life's great gifts, when you have friends who support you and enhance your life. It is always important to carefully choose the company you keep. Here are the three essential types of friends to have when you're single!

1. The "Un-Smug Married" Friend

Remember the obnoxious "Smug Marrieds" from Bridget Jones's Diary? We all know those types of married people - the ones who act as if though they have, by virtue of being married, figured it all out. These are the folks who constantly ask if you're dating someone special, not out of genuine concern for you and your happiness, but so they can figure out whether or not they can continue pitying you.

Ditch those Smug Marrieds! There are plenty of happy, Un-Smug Marrieds out there, and those are the ones you should hang out with. These are the friends who love, appreciate and are committed to their partner, but don't try to pretend their lives are perfect. And that yours, by comparison, is lacking.

These are the kinds of friends who will root for you to be with the right person for you, and not to settle for less. When things don't work out in your latest relationship, they say "That bastard! You dodged a bullet there." The Smug Marrieds, on the other hand, will say things like "Oh no! Now what will you do? Have you considered freezing your eggs?"

Un-Smug Marrieds in solid, loving relationships model healthy relationship behavior and can be great love mentors. Most importantly, they don't feel the need to justify their life choices by pressuring you into following suit. Though they're happy in their relationship, they probably a little bit envy your single freedom, and they'll admit it to you. They're cool like that.

2. The Been There, Done That Friend

Everyone has at least one friend who has seemingly dated half the people on the planet. He or she has seen it all and experienced it all. This is the person you can turn to no matter what you're experiencing in your love life and they can relate.

They tell it to you straight and they don't judge you, ever - after all, whatever you're going through probably pales in comparison to at least one of their past relationships.

This is the kind of friendship that proves that you don't have to experience everything in life firsthand to learn lessons. You get the benefit of the wisdom of his or her experience, which on occasion prevents you from experiencing needless pain or drama. They share with you what they've learned so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

All they have to say to you is "Do you remember Todd, the party promoter from Tampa?" and the whole Tampa Todd debacle comes flooding back. You respond "Riiiight. OK, I'm jumping off this train!"

3. The I Love My Life Single Friend

Even if this friend is actively looking to be in a relationship, they're not sitting around moping about it. They see the good in their lives and are committed to living fully!

The opposite of this person is the friend whose whole identity is "single and looking." Before they accept an invitation to any event, they want to know if there are going to be any eligible singles there - they don't see the point of going otherwise.

Your happy, life-loving single friend loves new experiences. This is the friend you can explore with, have adventures with and know that no matter what, you will have a good time. This friend might also be your Been There, Done That friend and will probably one day be an Un-Smug Married - someone who wants the best for you and doesn't define themselves by their relationship status.

Not only is this friend fun to hang out with, but will also inspire you. This is the friend you want to be - this one is most definitely a keeper.

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