11/08/2010 03:08 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Independents Swung This Election: What We Want

When the Number One policy of one political party is simply to make the President fail, how can anyone take our government seriously? I don't care if you disagree with the policies of the person in power; if that's the case, push your own issues forward. Don't simply try to trip the other person so he falls and hurts himself. Don't be committed to the failure of a person elected by the people.

Let's have our differences and come to compromises on government issues, not social issues or personal attacks. (Ben Quayle: Obama is the worst president in history)

If you don't want two new bureaucratic entities created to get the health reforms up and running, suggest a better alternative than simply repealing the legislation and "starting over again," which clearly isn't going to happen. Suggest a better way to execute. Suggest a less expensive way to run the government.

Yes, the people are in charge, and the election was won by people like me -- the independents. We don't feel that it's a priority to get rid of the President, or to support the Tea Party. The priorities of the independents are:

1) Quit bullshitting the voters in order to get re-elected. We could have cut the deficit with what the lobbyists spent on the last election. $50 billion on political campaigns? Money down the toilet.

2) Take a look at the part of government that has to do with job generation and concentrate on that. That would be research and development grants, workforce development, and the rebuilding of infrastructure. Also certainty for business. Business can operate in any environment but this one -- one in which the bickering leaves everybody waiting on the sidelines to see who wins.

3) Finish the implementation of the health care reform, because most people support the individual pieces. The devil is in the details, so change some of the details so that they control costs better. We're going nowhere without health care reform. It's the biggest rising expenditure with the worst falling outcomes of anything in our society (except perhaps education).

4) Tackle the big problems of energy (use green jobs to stimulate the economy), education (reform the teachers' unions) and the deficit (cut Pentagon spending and entitlement spending by slowly raising the retirement age and allowing the elderly to age in place and die at home).

5) Get the government working again. Together. Jon Stewart is right; we're all in line to get through the same tunnel. Widen the tunnel. Namaste.