08/03/2010 04:01 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Heartsick about America? Is This Something We Could Do?

The spreading boycott of Target for its $150,00 donation to a anti-gay candidate in the Minnesota gubernatorial race suggests a possible, simple, beautiful, deeply pleasing way for the people of this country to stand up to the corporations and begin the long, hard, but-perhaps-not-impossible effort to restore this democracy by cutting off the money spigot and hitting the brazen paymasters of so many of our elected officials in the only place they can be hurt: their bottom lines.

Most corporations stay in business not fundamentally because of how their employees in our Congress serve and protect them, BUT BECAUSE WE BUY THINGS FROM THEM. Right?

Let's demand that all corporations -- all! -- take a pledge to spend NO money trying to buy politicians and influence legislation. NONE. Some will take the pledge. Some, more than we might think, may be glad to take it. Meanwhile, we'll take our own pledge. Whenever there is a clear choice between a corporation that has taken the No-More-Buying-Congress pledge and one that has not, we'll buy our groceries and deposit our money and rent our cars, etc., etc., etc., only from the "good" corporations that know, despite the malignant ruling of this profoundly disgraceful Supreme Court, that they are not persons and they should not be buying Congressmen.