02/24/2011 02:29 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Wisconsin Is a Win/Win -- for the Koch Brothers

The presidency of Barack Obama has been a catastrophe for business, the bankers, Wall Street, the corporations, and especially the poor Koch brothers.

That's what you might think if you are stupid or a regular viewer of Fox News. It is a lie.

If you watch Fox or wear tri-cornered hats to rallies for Jesus and the Founders (although Paine, Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, and Adams did not believe Jesus was divine), rallies led by a Mormon (who believes Jesus is the brother of Lucifer, both born of a Mary actually impregnated by God), you will also believe that Barack Obama has been a terrific president for the Enemy Within -- the greedy, rapacious, treacherous American worker.

This is also not true. None of it.

The progressive resistance to nearly unchecked corporate power, sparked by the union movement (of course) after an assault in Wisconsin (of course) led by a Tea-Party stooge of the Koch brothers, is a almost certainly a win/win situation for the Koch brothers and their ilk, the Kochists.

Either Scott Walker and his fellow Republican statesmen will break the unions in Wisconsin and inspire other Tea-People across the nation to break the unions in their states, or the popular resistance to such a fundamental corporate power grab will rally us all, all the bewildered, supine, "independent," decent, hopey-changey multitudes, to support the workers again, one more time, against rapacious bosses and -- eureka! -- re-elect Obama and the Democrats!

Is that our only hope? Is that the only change we have the imagination to hope for?

The president I voted for should already have gone to Madison. I apologize. But I'm a fool, like everybody else. I once voted in a national election for a ticket that included Joe Lieberman.

Please consider this carefully. Has Barack Obama's presidency been anything but a steady, tender give-away to the Kochs and their fellow plutocrats? Are we really getting passionate now, really focusing on voting again for a President and a party that will not end obscene tax cuts for the wealthy, tiny cuts (for them, not for us or the national budget) that were put in place when the nation was prosperous (seems like a long time ago, doesn't it) and must, of course, without question, be in place again if the nation is ever going to be prosperous again. Are we really organizing to stand against the passion and commitment of the Tea-People extremists, and defeat them, and return to office a President who took single payer and cheaper drugs from Canada off the table before the health care debate, a President who (no doubt sadly, he's a nice man) thinks we can only regain prosperity by cutting heating oil for poor people, without asking for any shared sacrifice from the Kochists.

What would happen to the Kochs if all this union-busting Tea effort failed and Obama swept back into office again, with the old slogans about hope and change. They'd celebrate, of course. They've got it figured out. Win/win.

But what about poor Scott Walker and their other stooges? What happens to them if we throw those bums out to put the other bums back in? They'll be all right. Walker might not get to be President right away, but he and the others will either be put out to rich pastures -- much more lucrative and less stressful lobbying jobs - or they'll wait in the wings for the next election cycle, when the Kochist money will again frighten and rile the legions of stupid about the Enemies Within, the socialists ("Keep your hands off my Medicare!"), the unions, the endangered minority of intelligent people. (And let's cut education some more and punish teachers and appropriate their enormous private stockpiles of ill-earned loot -- at least both our great right and center-right parties can agree on that).

Win/win. Unless we want something different. Unless we are prepared to abandon all the right-wing money stooges, Republican and Democrat. Unless we are prepared to build and defend a real Progressive Movement.

Don't hold your breath.